Misc. State & Web Price Changes

A few states will see their fees increase for some filings. Below is a list of these states and information about their price changes:

On July 1st, 2003 filing fees for corporations will increase by $40 to $100 and LLC?s will increase $25 to $100. Additionally, the state has added a $25 name reservation fee to all filings (since obtaining a name reservation prior to filing is a requirement). SmallBiZ.com?s fees will reflect these changes after 07/01/03.

Additionally, all Georgia filings now include the cost for publishing a notice per the state?s requirements. The fees charged reflect this change. However, this is not expressed on the site.

For over one year SmallBiZ.com has not been paying the state?s expedite fees for filing Expedited orders. This is because the state's turnaround time was traditionally about the same as it would be after paying the additional $104. However, recent orders have been taking well over one month to process. So, SmallBiZ.com has increased Expedite and Package fees to reflect the new process and additional state fees. Expedite filings are still taking between 15 and 20 days to process but this is instead of the 40+ days the state was taking under their standard process.

As of March 20th, 2003 Louisiana now charges a $30 fee (previously $20) to expedite orders. Additionally, LLC filing fees increased $15 to $75. SmallBiZ.com?s fees now reflect these increases.
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