Delaware Increases Its Fees

On August 1st, 2003 Delaware Department of State will be increasing its fees. In the first increase in a number of years, Delaware?s Incorporation fees will increase $15 to $89. Limited Liability Companies will increase $40 to $90 per filing. All filings received on or after 08/01/03 will be subject to the higher fees.

Amendments to your corporate or LLC charter are increasing too. Corporations will pay $114, up from $100 to change a corporate name; change authorized stock amount; or anything else described on its articles of incorporation (AKA Certificate of Formation). LLC?s will pay $100 up from $50 to amend its Certificate of Formation.

Certifications & certificates have increased as well. Certified copies of a Certificate of Formation have increased $10 to $32. Certificates of Good Standing (short form) have also increased $10 to $30. Apostilles are now $20, up from $10.

Other services that have increased include Change of Registered Agent, Dissolutions, Domestications, and other miscellaneous filings. The state?s expedited fees have not changed.

NOTE: prices will reflect these changes on 07/31/03.
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