Filing Time Estimate

This is NOT Total Turnaround Time!


Filing Time Estimate = the total estimated time the state will take to process your new INC or LLC filing; starting from the day we submit your articles (of incorporation or organization) to your formation state, up to the day we receive your approved paperwork from the state.  This represents our current best guess and is dependent upon the current state's processing time and in some cases mailing time. We update this estimate often.


PLEASE NOTE: Non-Profit & Professional corporation filings may take substantially longer due to additional state agency pre-approval requirements.


Total turnaround time (when you receive everything) for your order is ADDITIONALLY dependent upon:

  1. When your order is received by us and how many orders we've received prior to yours. We typically process Expedited filings on the same business day or following business day it is received.

  2. Your shipping method choice will also determine how quickly you receive your order. The default is FedEx Ground, which can take from 1 to 6 business days depending on your location. However, you may choose other shipping options by clicking on the "Click to view ALL Shipping Options" link in the Shipping & Handling area below.